21. Art goes Kapakka 13th – 22nd August 2015

Art goes Kapakka continues to present topical and interesting art in the most central restaurants in Helsinki. 346 performances in 32 restaurants in ten days. All free of charge.

Music from jazz, rock, indierock, pop, electro, folk to theatre, dance, art exhibitions, food series and Art goes Kapakka -plates/menus, fashion shows and presentations, topical science discussion and a whole day for choirs.

The festival program will be released on August 4th 2015!

21st Art goes Kapakka from 13th to 22nd August 2015

The 21st Art goes Kapakka will be celebrated in August 13th to 22nd 2015. The festival continues to present topical phenomenons, performers, art and flavors.

We wish everyone great christmas time and happy new year!

Thank YOU for the 20th Art goes Kapakka!

Autumn has arrived. But before wrapping ourselves to layers of clothing, lets warm up with the 20th Art goes Kapakka festival’s video. Thank you for the wonderful festival!

Video: Juliana Kontinen. Music: Polar Motor.

20th Art goes Kapakka!

The 20th Art goes Kapakka -festival will be celebrated in 34 restaurants in center of Helsinki 24th-23rd August 2014. The program will be released on August 5th. Stay tuned!